Meet the Team Where Everyone is a Fighter!

Our Professional Coaches!


There’s no better friend than a fistful of power and knowledge!


Ben Hollins


Owner/Head Instructor



Ben Hollins is a 3rd Degree Black belt in Wado  Kai Karate and a 2nd degree Black Belt in Krav Maga. He has studied Martial arts for 33 years. He has also taught and certified professional use of force tactics to police officers and civilians around the world as a paid contractor.


Mike Miles


Ajarn Lead Muay Thai Instructor


Ajarn Yai Mike Miles is a world respected pioneer of the MuayThai movement in Canada, and has a lifetime of experience in Martial Arts, as a student, in competition on the professional level, and as a teacher.  As a competitor he quickly achieved a top 10 world ranking and has won many titles in his career including 4 professional world titles. He has mentored and coached almost 40 world champions and continues to do so.

Misty Cofield-Forseth


Muay Thai Instructor


Misty started training in Muay Thai out of Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing Ltd. in 2013 after a friend kept insisting she try it out.  She continues to train out of Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing Ltd. several times each week and has earned her first degree instructors level. 


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